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Sound and Audiovisual Archive Standards & Guidelines
The following IASA Special Publications are available in different language and paper/electronic  versions:

  1. IASA-TC 03 (2017) The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy
  2. IASA-TC 04 (2009) Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects
  3. IASA-TC 05 (2014) Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers
  4. IASA-TC 06 (2019) IASA-TC 06 Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings
  5. Ethical Principles for Sound and Audiovisual Archives(2010)

Digital Preservation Handbook
The revised 2nd edition of the Digital Preservation Handbook is a key knowledge base for digital preservation, peer-reviewed and freely accessible to all.

Audiovisual archiving: philosophy and principles  (2016)
Ray Edmondson
First published in 1998, this third edition provides the rationale and theoretical basis of audiovisual archiving, updated to reflect the contemporary realities faced by practitioners in the field.