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ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) introduced its Sound and Image Collections Conservation (SOIMA) programme in 2007. SOIMA courses are open to professionals working with sound and image collections, in educational programmes and/or with information technology. The courses typically last two to three weeks in different regions of the world. The emphasis is on mixed sound and image collections housed in a range of cultural institutions. Learning activities prepare participants to:

  • Recognize materials and media in their respective sound and image collections
  • Identify the risks to such collections
  • Make informed choices for preservation and access within given means
  • Communicate effectively and across disciplines on values and risks associated with sound and image heritage, advocating for preservation and wider access.

Since 2010, INA (National Audiovisual Institute, France) organised the annual training programme FRAME in partnership with FIAT/IFTA and the EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union.

FRAME is dedicated to the international community of professionals working in the field of audiovisual archives. The training sessions are designed for professionals involved in the management and use of archives whatever their level of knowledge and competencies, whether for media organizations, broadcasters, cinematheques, patrimonial institutions, production companies, etc.

Training programme
FRAME consists of 3 sessions per year, which cover each step of the audiovisual archival content management process:

  • FRAME Tech is a one-week training session, dealing with the preservation of digital archives, digitization of old analogue archives, media and storage management
  • FRAME Expert is 1/2 day thematic workshop organized during the FIAT/IFTA international Conference, and aiming in priority the top managers
  • FRAME Access is a one-week training session, dealing with rights management, documentation, cataloguing and promotion of archive contents toward various audiences.

The courses and workshops are delivered in English by recognized European and international audiovisual archives and digital media experts. Each year, the training programme is updated to match with current technical and technological evolutions in the sector and to correspond to professionals’ expectations and needs.

IASA Preservation Training Programme
The IASA Preservation Training Programme aims to develop skills to build a strong AV Archive and Preservation skills base throughout the world. The location of the training programme will be based on the region where it is deemed to have the maximum positive impact. Depending on the location, a maximum number of 15-20 trainees is envisaged. The IASA Preservation Training Programme is a unique opportunity to connect with members and their audiovisual archives, to effect more robust and resilient preservation efforts, build long-term relationships and offer much needed mentorship.

Experienced and appropriate trainers will be selected from the IASA pool of expertise, and a training curriculum based on existing demonstrably successful programmes will be agreed upon by the IASA Training and Education Committee. IASA is committed to creating an inclusive environment that serves all people and their cultural heritage.